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Night Club Kablys

Dynamic, constantly changing spaces and some mysterious vibe.

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Resto Bar Kablys

It's a unique place in the center of Vilnius, dedicated for food, drinks and leisure time.

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White House

Bespoke furniture details and color combinations were made for a purpose to create sensible minimalist style and keep room spacious.

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House Behind the Spruces

These are the homes of nature lovers and travelers.

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Gintarinė Vaistinė

Transparency, warm colors and amber light.

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Simpatija Hotel

Furniture in clean laconic shapes, bright contrast and exclusive decor tells us various stories from the past.

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Atrium Square

Soft round shapes and mirrors installations gives a mind escape and possibility to enjoy the light of atrium roof.

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Atea Office

Interior project for shared and representing spaces in open office building.

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